Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem plaguing a lot of people. It might be an annoying pain at first, but it could be debilitating in the long run. Some people complained about back pains that last for a while, but others seem to stay for a long time.

The good thing is that there are medications that could help you deal with the pain. There are also therapies to gradually correct the problem. Surgery might also be an option under extreme cases. As soon as you experience back pain, you need to identify first the reasons why it happens and let your physician know about it. These are some of the causes of back pain.


If you have been involved in an accident with a direct and heavy impact on your body, it could lead to pain that lasts a long time. The worst part is that some of the signs do not manifest up until a few weeks later.

For instance, after being involved in a car accident, you feel fine. However, you start experiencing back pains after some time.

Back pains caused by injuries could last for at least six weeks and might extremely painful.

Repeated heavy lifting

When your job involves repeated heavy lifting, it could also cause back pain. The muscles or ligaments are strained due to the repetitive movements.

If you are in a terrible physical shape on top of the job that you are doing, the problem could even be more painful. The muscles spasms could last a while.

Ruptured disks

Disks are essential as they act as the cushion in between the bones of your spine. These disks contain a soft material that may bulge or even rupture.

As a result, you start suffering from back pains. You can get an X-ray to check if you have problems with your disks that are causing the back pain.


This illness commonly affects aging people. If it occurs on the spine, it leads to the narrowing of the space around the spinal cord.

It could be quite painful especially since older people do not have the same tolerance to pain as young adults.

It could also lead to osteoporosis in which the spine’s vertebrae develops compression fractures due to the porous and brittle bones.

Risk factors

Back pains are usually associated with older people, but even children and teens could suffer from them depending on the circumstances. Lack of exercise could increase the risk as it leads to weak and unused muscles.

Excess weight could also be another issue as it places undue burden on your back. When lifting objects or weights at the gym, you need to use your legs and not your back as it could also worsen back pains.

Smoking may also worsen the problem as it reduces the blood flow towards the lower spine. It prevents the body from receiving enough nutrients.

Now that you understand the causes of back pains, you need to be careful of your actions and try to be more physically active.