Back Pain Stretches Worth Trying

Although back pains last a long time and it could even affect someone permanently, some back pain stretches could be useful. Stretching does not only help loosen the muscles, but they could also help you deal with existing back pains. It could even aid you in getting your strength back. If you do the correct stretching exercises, you might lower your chances of having back pains in the future.

One of the possible reasons why you are currently suffering from back pains is because of being overweight. When you stretch and do other physical activities, you are hitting two birds in one stone. You are dealing with the pains, but also reduce your weight in the process. These are some simple stretching exercises that you can do each day to help alleviate the pain.

Trunk rotation stretch

You can start by lying on a mat with your knees bent. While you are flat on the ground, rotate your legs towards the floor until you feel the stretch.

Repeat it on the opposite side. Try to hold each pose for about five seconds and repeat the whole process at least ten times.

It works because it helps improve the mobility of the spine while your muscles are relaxed.

Child’s pose

Start it in a crawling position. Then, sit your hips back as you try to reach out your arms forward.

You can keep reaching until you feel the stretch. Upon getting there, you need to hold it for at least ten seconds.

Repeat the entire process five times. This stretching exercise is useful to relax the muscles along your lower back.

Cat-camel back stretch

Just like the child’s pose, you begin on all fours. Try arching your back towards the ceiling and hold it.

Then, arch the back towards the ground and hold it. Each stretch should be held for five seconds and the whole process be repeated at least ten times.

This works because it helps maintain the mobility of the spine but also strengthening the back and abdominal muscles.

Hamstring stretch

Start it by sitting on the floor with one leg straight while the other one is bent. As you maintain a flat back, try learning forward hinging from the hip until you feel the stretch behind the thigh.

You need to repeat it with the other leg. Hold each stretch for at least ten seconds and repeat the process for about five more times.

It works because it allows decreased stress in the back by bending and lifting.

Hip flexor stretch

You can start by kneeling on a mat. Lean forward moving towards the bent front knee until you feel the stretch in front of the opposite thigh.

Hold this stretch for about ten seconds and repeat it five times. It works because your hips get tight due to extended period of sitting.

The stretch allows decreased back pain by relaxing your hip muscles.

Now that you understand the stretches that could work for people with back pains, you can try them at home and ease the chronic back pain.