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Millions of people across the world at some point during their life will experience back pain. For some of us, the back pain is short lived but for many of us back pain is chronic and affects every aspect of our daily lives.

Back pain can be a real enigma that confounds doctors everywhere; and is for some people the doctor may or may not believe your symptoms as back pain is a malingerer’s opportunity to avoid work and possibly claim unentitled benefits from the state. Unfortunately, due to the high rate of false claims of back injury and back pain doctors often are left exasperated by the condition.

So, what is the answer for us who are genuine sufferers of back pain? Well, initially your doctor will prescribe strong pain killers and bed rest. If your symptoms persist, your doctor is likely to refer you to a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. Both of these options will in most cases offer relieve to your symptoms through manipulation of the joints and or some stretching to some degree.

In this article, I will take a close look at the methods and claims made by Emily Lark.  And discuss the proposed methods to erasing back pain and take an objective view of the merits good or bad.

Who is Emily Lark and is she qualified to offer advice to relieve back pain?

Emily Lark has had the unfortunate experience of being afflicted with back pain from an early age after a car accident. Her injuries from the vehicle accident left Emily with excruciating back pain where after prolonged medication bed rest and joint manipulation she felt no relief from the pain in her back.

Her pain got to the point where doctors thought that the best option for Emily was to undergo a difficult and painful surgery. However, Emily and her family were aware of the risks of back surgery as operating close to major nerve groups and the spinal cord can result in catastrophic circumstances should the surgery not go according to plan.

Surgery was declined and the decision was made to keep the status quo in the hope of a less invasive solution to Emily Lark’s back pain could be found.

Well, indeed Emily Lark did find a solution. A solution that was simple and offered almost immediate relieve from pain. The solution to the back pain was found through simple stretching exercises and combined with an in-depth knowledge of the muscular skeletal. A revolutionary back pain relief system was born.

Emily Lark a prominent figure in the fitness industry

Yes, you read that correctly. Emily became to be one of the most appreciated and coveted fitness gurus in the wellness and fitness industry. Emily specializes in yoga and her Pilate’s classes are in demand across the USA.

Emily Lark developed a 10-minute stretching routine that has revolutionized the way back pain is now viewed by many medical practitioners. Due to the gentle nature of the 10 minute stretching routine the Erase My back Pain regime can be done by almost anybody.

If you are fat, thin, short, tall, young, old or at any point in between you can do this 10-minute Erase My Back pain routine in your home and witness remarkable results in providing a permanent remedy for your back pain you may have been afflicted with for years on end.

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Emily Lark’s Erase My Back Pain theory into practice, what you need to do

Okay. As previously stated, this is a 10 minute daily routine with the emphasis on daily. The Erase My Back Pain protocol will guide you through easy steps to improve your core strength. Why do I need to improve my core strength when the pain is in my back?

Having good core strength is a key to so many aspects of our muscular skeletal anatomy. You see good core strengths helps muscles all over your body to be stable. This will enable you to alter your posture and sit and stand as nature designed your body to be.

I know what you are thinking but let me allay your fears. You will not be required to lie on the floor and start doing sit ups or crunches. I did mention previously that this protocol of stretching has been designed so anyone can do it regardless of their body type and age.

The Erase My Back Pain protocol has been created by a world renowned fitness expert who has decades of experience of yoga stretching and Pilate’s, and we have all heard of the benefits of yoga and the enormous effects it can have on our body.

Remember, in conjunction with a complete understanding of severe back pain and muscular skeleton system of our body, Emily Lark has developed the Erase My back Pain system for all sufferers of back pain to enjoy pain relieve and return your life to how it was before you experienced back pain.

Erase My Back Pain Benefits

  • You will learn how to manage your back pain from the outset of the program
  • Erase My Back pain will provide you with clear and unambiguous instructions of how to create stability and realign your skeleton for maximum effect
  • The Erase My back Pain program will teach you easy to do stretching techniques that can be done virtually anywhere, at home or work
  • This program is suitable for anyone even the most busy executive can follow the program during his or her working day
  • Unlike other excessive related products, Erase my Back Pain is only a ten minutes per day routine
  • Erase My back Pain has been developed with complete understanding and empathy by a professional with the afflicted persons needs in mind
  • Everyone can afford to buy Erase My back Pain by Emily Lark

Erase My Back Pain negatives

This is a difficult area to find anything objective to say. But nevertheless, I will try to find some negative aspects of Erase My Back Pain.

  • Erase My Back Pain can only be purchased online
  • The program is sold in a digital format making it difficult to find the section you want to explore and follow

That’s about it for the negative aspects of Erase My Back pain.

Erase my back Pain where can I buy and download from?

Having provided all of the research on your behalf I found to the best deal at

Currently, there is a discounted offer from 99.97 USD to just 37.00 USD.

This unbeatable offer from the sellers own website comes with 60-day money back guarantee should you feel that the product is not for you after you purchase.

Final Verdict

Emily Lark certainly knows a thing or two when it comes to providing exercise programs to the masses. However, more importantly she has an empathetic view when it comes to dealing with chronic back pain and has developed an easy to follow program that we can all do with minimum effort and exertion

I strongly recommend the Erase My Back Pain exercise and knowledge program. In addition to this great program, you will receive a number of free digital booklets that will inform you about nutrient that will enhance your road to recovery.


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